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Candidate Adriane Brown is running for Monroe City Council-District 3.  She cares about what every citizen cares about for their community:  Access to quality affordable housing, transportation,  economic development, education and public safety.   She brings passion and experience to the table.   She is a valuable resource and has a long history of serving the community .

As a community activist, she has worked with numerous community leaders and elected officials for many years.   Experience matters.   She visits the Georgia Capitol regularly to meet with elected officials to talk about her concerns for her neighborhood, community and city needs.

Adriane has always been called to a greater purpose for the people.  She strongly believes that we all should have a voice and she strives to be that for everyone she encounters.

Adriane will bring new and fresh ideas to the City Council and looks forward to serving you.


"A vote for Adriane is a voice for the people"


Thursday, August 24, 2017 10:34 PM


Check out this article from the Walton Tribune





Adriane Brown for City Council
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